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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help me!!!

Nashville sucks, let's admit it.  From the country music wanna-be's and the KKK inspired politicians all the way to the fucking restaurants and bars, I cringe when I wake up each morning.

I've had a condo here for about 5 years now, but I think of it more like a jail sentence; in the sense that living here has made me appreciate the outside world and the fact that turning on the radio in this God-forsaken hell hole is like getting raped in the ear.

Anyway, this blog is for everyone like me, anyone who's been to Nashville and seen the shit-storm they call a city and for the people who have been dragged here for one reason or another (assuming you're not stupid enough to want to move here).  

I've needed to vent and I can't believe I've stooped to blogging, no offense, I just didn't think I ever would but the boredom has driven me to it.  If you have a Nashville horror story, please e-mail it to me at And to those of you who want to defend the city, you can e-mail me your argument as well and I'll post (but first you'll need a computer and some literary skills, I'm not gonna help you out there).